“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations”  Matthew 28:19a

St. Paul’s Church is committed to giving 10% of its income to charity. The following charities are supported by St Paul’s both financially and through prayer.


Keith, Charlotte & Anna Etherington are former members of St. Paul’s church. Keith worked as director of Tearfund for Ethiopia. He has led the team as they have set up over 4000 Self Help Groups, partnering with local churches, helping people, the poorest of the poor, move out of poverty.


Formerly known as SCAT, Engage work to take the Gospels into local schools in the Woking area. Engage run assemblies in over 30 primary schools; run Christian clubs; take RE/PHSE lessons; help pupils transition to secondary school. Chrissie works in secondary schools, providing support to staff and mentoring pupils.

Street Angels

Street Angels or similar programmes have been springing up across the UK over the last 6 years. Street Angels are adult volunteers (over 18s), usually from local churches, who care and provide practical support for the people, usually on Friday and/or Saturday nights, who use the night clubs and other leisure and entertainment venues in town centres. Their calming presence on the streets late at night makes a really positive impact on crime and antisocial behaviour in town centres and they make a real difference to many people, very often young people who have had too much to drink.


The Across vision is to see people from all backgrounds become disciples of Jesus Christ. Across seeks to do this by working with local Churches to train and organise volunteers in a wide range of outreach and serving activities to share the love of God with those from different cultures. Across is linked with the Mahabba network, which is passionate about motivating and mobilising ordinary Christians to love their Muslim neighbours and to help churches to mentor and multiply dynamic communities of disciples. Across underpins its work in prayer